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Kitamura Mycenter Zero Mycenter-0 Manual

Kitamura Mycenter Zero Manual

For anyone who needs a manual for a MyCenter-0 see the above link. 

I purchased a 1989 Mycenter Zero in January 2017.

Now I am attempting to convert it to LinuxCNC control. I had to replace the z axis servo and amp. I did so with a Delta servo 750w with brake. I have also replaced all of the airlines as they were old and brittle. I pulled the Kitamura System 1000 with Fanuc O-M controller and have replaced it with a touch screen PC booting Linux.

I am currently working on getting the spindle and axis servos connected to the Mesa 7I77 so that I can get to the configuration portion of this conversion.

2 thoughts on “Kitamura Mycenter Zero Mycenter-0 Manual

  1. I also have a Kitamura – Zero – OM of 1997.
    I have a problem with spindle drive + ATC
    Do any one have a spare spindle drive + ATC drive


    1. I have the spindle drive on eBay along with many other parts. My user name is mccmobilecarcare on eBay.

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