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Tormach 770 PCNC Closed Loop Upgrade


Why did I do this? I was tired of my Tormach 770 X axis faulting out and then destroying the work piece and tooling. After some research and a bit of work I managed to incorporate Hybrid Stepper motors and drives that operate in a closed loop. This supplies an alarm and will stop the machine if the commanded move does not occur. An unintended consequence is that these supply more torque and allow for faster movement.

What are the benefits? Well first there is the increase in feed rates that is possible with these motors. I have tested them at several speeds and have found that they work best at a maximum of 300 inches per minute. These motors run very smoothly and remain cool even at idle. You also get the benefit of having the system alarm out if they fail to make a designated move. This saves you from costly broken tools, damaged work pieces and work holding.

How complicated is the instillation? If you have allen wrenches and a screwdriver you can handle this. Simply remove the old motors, drives, and wiring and replace with the supplied prewired system in reverse. Then replace the stock Tormach machine definition file with the one supplied and you are ready to go. Full instructions will be provided as well as a step by step video.

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