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Tormach Pathpilot IO upgrade

I have been finding myself wanting to more out of my Tormach Pathpilot controller. Such as adding a stack light. This takes more IOs than Tormach leaves available to the user. However, I happen to know that Tormach uses the Mesa 5I25 FPGA card which has many more IOs available through the P2 header. We must tap into that and the simplest way is to install a DB25 to IDC26 cable which cost $5. I also made a video as I do a short run through on how to install the cable on the 5i25 card in the controller so that I can access IOs 17 to 33.

I will go through how to edit the .hal file in the near future. 

Mesa 5I25 Manual

DB25F-IDC26 Cables

DB25 Breakout board

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